The system uses 3D virtual reality and RFID technology, combined with dynamic environment monitoring, to realize the management and scheduling of warehouse environment, work mode and process, integrate the existing warehouse system, cooperate with the existing system data, and realize data synchronization. 3D virtual reality can realize warehouse visualization management, fast location of goods position, intuitionistic and concise operation of goods data, simulation warehouse inspection, preplan, remote management and control warehouse.

Add RFID terminal devices and electronic tags to achieve data acquisition and synchronize data to 3D virtual warehouse. Achieve efficient and precise management from warehousing, inside, out, return and inventory control, and control and track the whole process of warehouse business logistics and cost management.

  • Warehouse virtualization management

    Carry out internal and external 3D virtual simulation, quickly view building inventory or alarm information, indoor roaming, daily automatic inspection.

  • Warehouse visualization management

    The internal layout of the warehouse, visual display of infrastructure information, administrators can quickly find and locate goods and basic equipment information.

  • RFID configuration management

    Configuring 3D cargo model information and RFID label number, cargo information data and system synchronization, achieve business data and 3D warehouse goods consistency.

  • Warehouse operation management

    Data synchronization for goods warehousing and loading is carried out, and scene is updated automatically. After all the goods are shipped, the backstage system maintains the latest data. The system automatically removes 3D goods, supports manual delivery of the goods leave from shelves and notifies the warehouse database system.

  • Warehouse inventory

    Quickly obtain inventory information of goods assets, export inventory list of goods assets, provide data of daily cargo scheduling.

  • Dynamic environment monitoring management

    Integrated smoke, temperature and humidity sensors, video surveillance, etc., to obtain environmental monitoring data warehouse implementation, real-time display in the 3D scene.

  • Fire management

    3D warehouse system built-in fire strategy plan, intelligent generation of fire emergency plan, provide important information for fire prevention staff.

  • Report management

    The system is linked with ERP system, warehouse database and RFID handset to realize data synchronization, and to view and store goods information in real time.