The system is built on the basis of intelligent visual Internet of things, the system uses cloud computing based background big data analysis, massive video processing and retrieval system, to urban people, cars, objects, roads, the security condition of the event is monitored in real time, and the security threat in the city is perceived intelligently. Once the alarm occurs, the alarm information can be presented panoramic through the platform, so as to achieve "intelligent perception in advance, accurate handling in the event, and complete evidence collection after the event". So as to realize the construction of urban intelligent security system.

  • 3D Digitization City

    3D modeling of the entire city building, public facilities, monitoring equipment, etc., to achieve digital transformation from physical city to 3D virtual city.

  • Integrated And Refined Management of Urban Security

    Realize the docking of physical sensor to virtual scene, collect and store the data of monitoring equipment, integrate the data of each operation and maintenance subsystem, control multiple operation and maintenance system in one scene, facilitate management operation and save manpower cost.

  • Visual Alarm Management And Location

    Combined with MES and other monitoring subsystem, set the threshold and warning level, visualize the warning information, and quickly locate.

  • Forming An Early Warning Mechanism With The Camera And Broadcasting System

    When sending early warning information, you can view the current real-time monitoring picture through the camera near the warning object, and call the broadcast system to communicate with the administrator in the field.

  • Visual View of Fixed Assets

    Make asset records for important public equipment in city and obtain detailed information of equipment. Eject early warning of service expiration equipment, alarm and positioning of products affected by life cycle as a result of maintenance.