The system - EASY GO is based on 3D scene visual editor (short for SVE), presenting real-time 3D indoor & outdoor scene map and the best navigation route for users, and real-time positioning. It can run on PC, mobile phone and other intelligent terminals. The system is integrated with the existing system. It has the functions of advertising information release, human-computer interaction, 3D display, indoor navigation, route map printing, search and so on. It is suitable for large public places such as hospital, office building, shopping mall, government hall, court, exhibition center, library and so on.

  • Real Time Accurate Positioning

    The indoor positioning navigation solution based on Beacon, combined weighted triangulation algorithm and machine learning, can achieve indoor positioning with high accuracy.

  • Cross Floor/Building Navigation

    Within the same premises, users can navigate between different buildings and floors.

  • Fast Search

    The system provides a variety of search for handwritten and alphabetic input, such as search destinations, experts, matters, etc.

  • Place Introduction

    Building overall external conditions, internal structure, business scope, advantages, etc.

  • Information Introduction

    Through the provision of indoor structure and text information, we can understand the internal frame structure of the place, such as the situation of the hospital department, the distribution of the government center window, etc.

  • Personnel Introduction

    Users can search for information about the target person, such as peer expert / specialist presentations and shift hours.

  • Payment

    The system can run on your mobile phone and open the interface to any third party system. Users can navigate to the payment window and complete the payment by EASY GO.