The system is supported by SVE+3D GIS + IoT, and the independent research and development of 3DGIS Map Engine as a large platform display basis, provides the whole city level of 3D map display and operation, intuitive interactive experience and performance; SVE (Scene Visual Editor) for indoor scene editing tools, 3D GIS implementation of all buildings internal structure through the 3D GIS With the use of IoT, Internet and other technical means, the integration of various indoor subsystems, such as fire assets and equipment management, fire equipment operation status, video monitoring, grid management system and other professional monitoring system, asset management system and operation and maintenance process management system are integrated in the city 3D hologram. Unified monitoring, early warning, management and spatial planning, providing standardized management process, and the operation and maintenance process of the scene can be based on data

  • SVE Indoor Data

    Using SVE to draw interior structure, real-time check 3D indoor spatial structure data

  • 3D Model Device Marking

    Marking equipment, providing built-in product model library management. Uploading or updating background data which marking city map equipment.

  • Urban 3D Spatial Database

    Collate and store models created by other 3D tools

  • There Is No Need For Any Plug-in

    Using 3D engine to provide core 3D components for graphics display, users do not need to install any plug-ins.

  • Data Interface

    It is easy to integrate and expand, support ActiveMQ, WebService and other interface protocols, provide standard interfaces, and achieve data interaction with third party systems.

  • Environment Display

    Use the mouse to operate 3D scene, rotate, translate, hierarchical view the city, building, floor, room, equipment, port browsing.

  • Alarm Display

    Centralized display of all equipment anomalies and third-party platform alarm information to provide a unified early warning mechanism.

  • Resource Retrieval

    Fuzzy or accurate retrieval, visual search of resources, fast and accurate location.

  • Traffic Condition

    View traffic conditions in real time, provide data and help emergency command.