We use 3D visualization technology rapid modeling, integrated manufactory real-time monitoring of device sensor technology (MES system), camera monitoring, voice broadcasting system, video conference system, and so on. We also provide the overall solution of Manufactory 3D Visualization Management System. We can connect with the existing systems: ERP, MES, E-HR, CPC, EAM, PLS, SRM, PLM and QMS to realize integrated management platform. The large screen displays the real-time data monitoring of the whole factory area and the production links of each workshop, and matches the voice broadcasting system. The field managers communicate and coordinate the work in real time.

  • 3D Digitization of Industry Park

    3D modeling of factories, buildings, workshops, equipment and so on will be carried out in the industry park to realize digital transformation of physical electrical park to 3D virtual electrical park.

  • Integrated & Meticulous Management of Production Monitoring

    Integration of factory system data, a scenario to control multiple systems, facilitate management operations, save labor costs.

  • Alarm Visualization & Location

    The system can set monitoring attribute threshold and early warning level, scene display early warning information, click can quickly acquire arbitrary view location.

  • Forming Early Warning Mechanism With Camera & Radio

    Viewing the current real - time monitoring screen, adjusting the communication process between the broadcasting system and the field management personnel through the camera near the early warning object.

  • Visual View of Human Resources

    Any production workshop can view human resource conditions and human resources usage plans for the workshop.

  • Visual Monitoring of Logistics & Supply Chain

    Integrated PLS management system to realize visual monitoring of distribution timely rate.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Get the basic information of customer purchase, requirement and so on according to the condition query.