The system - IDC-CS uses 3D visualization as an important management method to monitor and manage the data center assets, resource and equipment. Through collection, transmission and management the distributed professional monitoring system, asset management system and operation and maintenance process management system in the room are integrated into 3D hologram, and unified monitoring, early warning, management and spatial planning are established. Provide standardized system management process, change monitoring, data island phenomenon, ensure data center operation and maintenance process have evidence to rely on.

  • Multi-scene Management

    Multi-scene project management, unified platform presentation of remote data center, operation and maintenance function authority management, realize the overall control of the actual scene project in various places.

  • Capacity Visualization Management

    Visual management of data center capacity, visual display of machine position, rack density, rack capacity, server load size and power capacity in 3D form.

  • Asset Visualization Management

    The 3D modeling of the assets equipment in the server room is made to realize the one-to-one correspondence between virtual and actual. It can quickly search and locate the target equipment and its information, intuitively and easily, and improve the information query and management efficiency.

  • Assets Automation Management

    By deploying RFID tags and reader, automatic management of assets can be realized. Shelves' equipment dismounting and migration can be automatically updated for data management.

  • Line Visualization Management

    Server room’ network wiring visualization, combing the dense electrical pipes and network lines, intuitively grasps the computer room pipeline distribution and the direction, thus quickly eliminates and repairs the pipeline type breakdown, enhances the fault solution efficiency.

  • Monitoring Visualization Management

    The system is integrated with the dynamic environment monitoring management subsystem to realize real-time monitoring and alarm visualization of devices in the 3D scene. Unified monitoring and early warning, the overall control of the dynamic environment in servers'room.

  • Task Inventory Management

    The system inventories the historical data of all the monitoring and warning equipment, can issue the task, support the task management, such as loading / unloading, maintenance, moving in / out, and counts the historical data of the task.

  • Automatic Inspection Management

    The simulated operation and maintenance personnel automatically patrol the animation and carry out the inspection of the computer room. The inspection video is displayed on the software robot inspection interface.