Business Cooperation

Thank you for your attention to our SVE Cloud. At present, we have the following ways of business cooperation, please select the cooperation you expect to contact us.

Platform for cooperation

SVE cloud service platform, open application source code, you can independently develop and deploy on the platform.。
The platform opens corresponding access permissions for different levels of accounts, and you can upgrade account permissions according to requirements.

customized service

Provide customized development and project implementation services for specific projects. You need to provide specific development or project requirements, and the fees will be charged according to specific requirements.
You can contact us by WeChat.

Permission of platform account

Function privileges FREE Project authorization
webgl SDK support support
unity SDK support support
Editor use Location model uploaded support support
Number of interior construction 1 no limit
Number of floors 2 no limit
engineering supervision Number of projects 1 Number of authorized projects
Subaccount allocation 0 2
Many people to implement nonsupport support
Platform using Classification model support support
Model to upload support support
Drawings to upload support support
Engineering copy nonsupport support
Engineering share nonsupport support
Engineering export deployment support support
technical support General technical solution Training + technical services
Project deployment rights The offline deployment support support
way of authorization Demo license Commercial licensing (permanent)
network environment To the public No public connection
resource dependence Local 3D resources Local 3D resources
Scene: the watermark Demo version of the logo No logo
server system Local windows/linux Local windows/linux
Server owner Own server Own server
Server minimum configuration 2G main frequency 4-core CPU, 8g memory, 4m bandwidth 2G main frequency 4-core CPU, 8g memory, 4m bandwidth