Product & Service

3D scene making tool to provide professional visualization of spatial information.

Aviation Surveying & Mapping Application Service

  • Sunshine Analysis
  • Visual Domain Analysis
  • Volume Analysis
  • Measurement Analysis
  • Engineering Analysis

Customize the exterior model

  • 3D GIS
  • Layer Management
  • Visual Traffic
  • Placemarks
  • Positioning & Navigation

SVE Indoor Map Generation Tool

  • Simple & Easy to Use
  • Multi-Person Cooperative Implementation
  • Multi-Floor & Building Management
  • Route Planning
  • Resource Sharing

Visualized Application Scenes

We provide you with industry-wide visualization solutions.

  • Indoor Navigation

    The system - EASY GO is based on 3D scene visual editor (short for SVE), presenting real-time 3D indoor & outdoor scene map and the best navigation route for users, and real-time positioning. It can run on PC, mobile phone and other intelligent terminals. The system is integrated with the existing system. It has the functions of advertising information release, human-computer interaction, 3D display, indoor navigation, route map printing, search and so on.

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  • Data Center

    The system - IDC-CS uses 3D visualization as an important management method to monitor and manage the data center assets, resource and equipment. Through collection, transmission and management the distributed professional monitoring system, asset management system and operation and maintenance process management system in the room are integrated into 3D hologram, and unified monitoring, early warning, management and spatial planning are established.

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  • Fire Protection

    The system is supported by SVE+3D GIS + IoT, and the independent research and development of 3DGIS Map Engine as a large platform display basis, provides the whole city level of 3D map display and operation, intuitive interactive experience and performance; SVE (Scene Visual Editor) for indoor scene editing tools, 3D GIS implementation of all buildings internal structure through the 3D GIS With the use of IoT, Internet and other technical means, the integration of various indoor subsystems.

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  • Security

    The system is built on the basis of intelligent visual Internet of things, the system uses cloud computing based background big data analysis, massive video processing and retrieval system, to urban people, cars, objects, roads, the security condition of the event is monitored in real time, and the security threat in the city is perceived intelligently. Once the alarm occurs, the alarm information can be presented panoramic through the platform, so as to achieve "intelligent perception in advance, accurate handling in the event, and complete evidence collection after the event".

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  • Manufactory

    We use 3D visualization technology rapid modeling, integrated manufactory real-time monitoring of device sensor technology (MES system), camera monitoring, voice broadcasting system, video conference system, and so on. We also provide the overall solution of Manufactory 3D Visualization Management System.

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  • Storehouse

    The system uses 3D virtual reality and RFID technology, combined with dynamic environment monitoring, to realize the management and scheduling of warehouse environment, work mode and process, integrate the existing warehouse system, cooperate with the existing system data, and realize data synchronization. 3D virtual reality can realize warehouse visualization management, fast location of goods position, intuitionistic and concise operation of goods data, simulation warehouse inspection, preplan, remote management and control warehouse.

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Introduction to SVE-SDK

SVE-SDK is a lightweight 3D data visualization framework with priority to mobile web.

The "graphics rendering" module of the framework refers to unity engine language design, supports unity engine extension, and users with experience in unity development can easily start.

Platform Advantages

Providing professional 3D visualization services

  • Open application source code
    Multi-platform terminal output

  • easy to use
    Rapid modeling and deployment

  • Abundant model resources
    Support for multiple model data source uploads

  • Support for personalized development
    Meet different functional requirements

solve the problem

  • Application of pain points

    A variety of technical development personnel configuration,

    high development costs, long cycle.

  • Solution

    SDK can be provided without increasing staff allocation,

    saving staff cost and shortening development cycle.

Construction Process

convenient and efficient,can be applied in multi-platform terminals

  • Import CAD drawing in SVE
  • Build 3D scene models
  • Export data packet
  • Install


Professional, reliable and quality service

  • Short period of modeling and implementation

  • Lower implementation cost

  • Simple maintenance